I came home this evening after being away about 4 hours (regular Wednesday evening visit with my sister to watch "Midsomer Murders"), and found a puddle in the middle of the shower curtain on the bed (and am I glad I've left the shower curtain there!)....

AND.. the litterbox Galaxy usually uses in the living room... there was liquid on the newspaper under and around it. She overshot the box? or wasn't aiming very carefully? (I've had newspaper under the litterboxes... and under the paper some heavy plastic sheeting.. Galaxy is not the first kitty I've ever known to have Pee Issues.)

She's been getting some CD Stress food, wet and dry, the last few days, which I gather is the Hills version of the SO Calm type food. There hadn't been any inappropriate peepee for quite a while now, and I was hoping perhaps the food was making a difference. Sigh..

Maybe it will be Prozac time after all... (I may have to ask for some for myself, too!)