Good day,

My human has called me Beep Beep, as I make almost a quiet bird chirping sound, but as humans are so inconsistent, he calls me Kitty all the time. I currently live in Alpine, California. Nobody is sure of my age, I was found in a dumpster and the vets think I am about six or seven years old. The human was recently divorced and needed companionship, so he came to the shelter I was staying at and we found each other right off the bat, I ran to him so fast. Some have said that I am Abyssinian. I like to call myself Abysillyian...

My human and I play all the time; I make him chase me all over the yard and the house. He bought me a huge kitty tree in the living room and I entertain him all day jumping and playing. One thing I do to him though is that I will only eat half a can of fresh food because, really, it is just stale after that.

We live in a small apartment near the mountains and I have my own yard, trees to climb, and high places to watch other humans. I also bring lizards, mice, and rats to him, and wish he would cook them up for me.

He leaves his computers on during the day, and when he was away, I typed this up and sent in for him.
Hello, Beep Beep in California! Happy Cat of the Day!

What a beautiful kitty you are! I like your sweet face and your lovely markings! I bet your quiet chirp is a sweet sound for your human to hear! You met each other at the shelter that day, and you ran to him!

I smiled when I read about all the things you do! You jump and play, you play chase with your human, climb trees and hunt (eek)! You bring gifts to your person, but he doesn't cook them for you. You have a kitty tree in the house, and you observe all that is going on! Best of all, you are a much loved kitty!

Happy Cat of the Day, sweet Beep Beep kitty! I hope you and your human will have a very happy life together!