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    Sweet Ralph!

    This is Ralph, he is very nearly two years old. He loves to pose for the camera, and is very playful. He loves chasing lasers and going crazy with the teddies we have for him. We have a new baby and he shows so much love to him it make us smile. He's full of beans and equally full of love.

         Ralph is our second cat. He plays meerkats for his treats, getting up so he is sitting on his back paws. He loves to curl up on us especially in the winter. He loves to chase things on the tele too. He's a loving but crazy cat. And we all love him very much.
    Hello, Ralph in England! Happy Cat of the Day, cutie!

    What a gorgeous orange and white kitty you are! Your ginger tabby and white fur looks so soft to pet! You were a darling little one, and now you are a sweet big guy!

    You are a playful guy, too- chasing lasers or images on television, playing with teddies, and requesting treats! Then it is time to snuggle with your family, or show love to your new brother! PURR-fect! Happy, happy Cat of the Day to Ralph!
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