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Thread: Never Enough of Pantera

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    Surprisingly, Pantera kept growing well past 12 months. Instead of getting long and lanky she filled out- instead being built like a basketball player she's built like a rugbier. At 5kg (11 lbs.) she weighs as much as the male cats around here, and is more muscular than many of them

    Apologies to everyone at this site. I disappeared because my life changed. In a good sense, of course. I moved to another part of town, and sorting out the change in residence, adapting work, and paying off the move all took more time than expected. On a positive note, Pantera likes the new place, esp. the veranda.
    Isnt it weird how they can surprise us in so many ways i thought my late cat would turn out like yours,, fill out an be muscular an what not but no... she stayed small an lanky like a basketball player build. though youd never know it by looking at her but once i picked her up she sprawled out like a slinky an became 3times longer than her appearance let on LOL

    all the photos are fanatic of her! shes turned into such a young lady
    congratulations on the move an positive change in both your lives
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    Pantera, you are absolutely stunning! So nice to see you again. You're gorgeous with that sleek, shiny black fur and those lovely big golden-green eyes!

    Congratulations on the move and all the positive changes in your lives!

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