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Thread: Do Floppy-Eared Dogs Look Friendlier?

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    Do Floppy-Eared Dogs Look Friendlier?

    The Transportation Security Administration thinks so...

    What do you think, Pet Talkers?

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    Ive had both floppies an non floppy eared dogs an think this is silly

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    Wow, this a pretty ridiculous subject. I am sure everyone has a different opinion. One would think it would depend on any individuals experience and history with dogs, preconceived ideas about certain breeds, colours, size, weight etc. Ya can't please everyone. No one takes into consideration if certain people look less intimidating than others for certain jobs do they? Ha ha, just kiddin'. People will just have to cope with whatever pooch saunters down the pike. Suck it up or stay home, so to speak 🐕 That's what I think.

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    I think floppy eared dogs look cuter, I have a chihuahua and I like to flop her ears over because it makes her look so cute, my Mom doesn't think so, she thinks it makes her look ugly.

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    I sometimes smoosh the tips of Pixies ears down an then release them an then smoosh them down again,, its literally like shes a butterfly due to her big fuzzy ears i think its cute but i prefer her ears the way they are as well. i actually find perky eared dogs more expressive. maybe cuz when they turn their ears in whatever directions its easily noticeable an floppy ear dogs its not as noticeable
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    Pixie definately has adorable ears, she's adorable!

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    Thank you


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