I was adopted by my master when I was three weeks old because my mother had died because of a car accident. A kind watchman carried me near to my master-to-be's house, and my master saw me when she was about to go outside. She asked the watchman if he could give me to her. That's the start of my life with my master.

Since that moment, life has been good. It is much safer being a cat inside the house. And my master loves me very much. She always kisses me and I always lick her in return. She calls this picture my "War Pu" photo, but the truth is, I just do not like the camera. But I let her get this one picture because I love her very much.
Hello, Pu in far-away Myanmar! Happy Cat of the Day!

What a handsome orange fellow you are! I like your wonderful tabby markings, and your fur that looks so soft to pat!

Your master noticed the kind watchman carrying you, and asked him to give you to her. That was the beginning of your life with your master! You receive many kisses from your mater, and give some in return! You live safely indoors, and your life is good! I imagine you watch everything happening outside your windows, and inside the house too! You are not a big fan of the camera, but you let your master take a picture because you love her!

Happy, happy Cat of the Day to Pu, orange kitty!