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    Adorable Henryk

    Congratulations on being honoured as Cat of the Day, Henryk!

    What a cute little guy you are, Henryk, absolutely precious! Your mixed tabby coat is beautiful and so are your golden eyes. I LOVE all your adorable pictures.

    Your mom is a smart kitty, she took you to a nice family to get you help with your health issues, and they made sure you got the medicine you needed. And your own mom still visits from time to time to keep an eye on you and see you grow up. Wonderful!

    I can tell your family love you, and you love them. They carry you around and give you lots of
    love, and you just can’t get enough. You are already learning how to grab your ball, standing on your hind legs… I bet you look adorable! Soon, you will be on the kitchen counter, too.

    Enjoy a day of fun, playtime celebration. Get pampered with extra yummy treats and lots of cuddles. I send you kisses and wish you good heath, love and happiness for the rest of your life, sweetheart!

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