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    Angel Juli

    Congratulations, Juli in Heaven, on being POTD and admired all over the world today. We're sooooo sorry and heartbroken that your life was cut short but you will ALWAYS be remembered and loved. God Bless You! You are adorable, precious, angelic and photogenic. (We rodents!) I know you can feel the we're sending you in Heaven! XOXO

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    A very pretty gerbil indeed! I'm glad she found a good home. Loving seeing some smaller animals featured.

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    R.I.P. little Juli
    Although you life was short, it was full of love.
    Who could ask for anything more?

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    Angel Juli~

    What a beautiful, pearl grey, ruby eyed Gerbil girl you were, Juli. It breaks my heart, learning that your life ended so tragically, that you were taken from your human long, long before your time. But while your time with your mom/dad was far too brief, the paw prints you left on her/his heart are everlasting, the precious times you and your human shared, the memories made, never to be forgotten. And blessedly, one day in the distant future, you and your human will be together again, and what a happy day that will be! Until that day, sweet Juli, scamper happily at the Rainbow Bridge with all of our beloved fur angels.

    To Juli's mom/dad~

    Thank you for sharing your precious Juli with us, along with so many heart-melting photos. How lucky you were, having known her love and companionship. I only wish your time together had been much longer. But hopefully seeing her being honored here today brings you some comfort, and puts a smile on your face.


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    Dearest Juli, what an adorable white Gerbil Angel you are! Your fur is so pretty and soft-looking, and you have such a sweet face with those lovely big eyes. You have a very calm personality, unusual for gerbils! We're so sorry you passed away so young, but you and your dear person shared and will always share a wonderful home and love. Please send some Angelic blessings to his/her heart in reassurance that all is well, you are watching over her/him and sending down love from the Rainbow Bridge, and you will be together again, One Fine Day..

    Congratulations, darling Juli Angel, on being chosen today's Pet of the Day! We hope you and your dear person and all your family and friends are enjoying a fine celebration, full of love and treats and precious memories. We know the other Angels are rejoicing with you at the Bridge!

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    Please accept my deepest sympathy, I am so sorry that Juli passed away. What an extraordinary and very unique and beautiful little gerbi Juli was. She was the very best of the best and truly a blessing.


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