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Thread: Round up killed my cat

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    Round up killed my cat

    1 year after jessy was deliberately poisoned with round up by a Gardner jessy died from glysophate poisoning
    Only 5 years of age
    Poisoned at age 4

    Jessie had a huge fight $7500 vet bills and my support 24/7 whatever it took

    My cat jessica was deliberately poisoned by an awful old lady and a Gardner in Coogee nsw she was sprayed by "round up"
    On her fur and deliberately where she lay
    The old lady didn't want her in the common grounds or unit block

    The chemical was so intense it was all over my sofas, bedding, carpet, myself it stuck like super glue, obviously you can tell my girl was allowed everywhere she was no different to u and I actually she was she was an angel

    After three months of a four week period contamination and a court case me winning measly $250 toilet paper money

    Jessy was rushed into sash medical couldn't breathe only four years of age severe inflammatory bowl disease and diarrhoea non stop she lost 4kg and went from an exuberant well British short hair to an old 22 year old dying cat in weeks
    I nursed jessy for a year she became so crippled she couldn't walk more than 10 tiny tiger steps
    She died 4 days ago
    Exactly as the new data shows how poisonous round up is

    Read these articles
    New science

    Round up caused a slow painful insidious death

    And did exactly what the science states

    Chronic inflammatory bowl diseases straight after the contamination unable to use bowl and her kidneys were poisoned they only functioned 25% within 12 weeks after poisoning it was insidious

    May the world stop useing poisons

    Facebook; karina victoria to see gorgeous jessy and more on her awful story

    May her suffering be the end of round up

    Use pine oil it dsnt kill cats

    Off course the company will tell u it's fine ask the owner of round up to drink a cup

    Even small amounts of this ingested on their paws or fur science states will cause long term inflammatory diseases, please read the recent study, copy the link below

    Bless her
    May the world stop using poisons

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    I am so sorry for your loss. This is so terrible and downright criminal. I send my sympathies to you and send every bit of bad karma that is possible to that awful old hag woman and her partner in crime gardener. I hope you put them on Facebook to publicly shame them for their crime.

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    These people are sick in the head, totally heartless and evil. Those are their finest qualities. So very sorry for your loss and horrific experience. It is criminal indeed.

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    Round up killed my cat

    I'm so very sorry for your loss of your cat. If you ever get another cat and want it outdoors for even part time. Have you thought of making a a safe outdoor enclosure for your cat. Your cat would be safe from a lot of stuff. Please try to move forward and don't think about the past just let it happen. My sister lost her Bengal cat to kidney renal failure at age 7. All cats will kidney renal disease that's what got my 18 year old Bengal cat. Doing something for the local Humane Society was very helpful to them and me.

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