Hi Poppy and Nora! Happy "two for Tuesday" Dogs of the Day, from me and my Lab x Golden girl, Peach!

What a precious pair, what a dynamic duo you two cuties make, the yin and yang of doggiedom; better together, Best Friends Furever for sure!!! And should anyone doubt that, let's go to the photo evidence--->

I think this one says it all! All of your photos are beyond heart-melting! Nothing brings me more joy than seeing two puppers playing with such unbridled joyfulness! I'm SO sorry to hear you're moving, Nora! I can only imagine how you and Poppy are going to miss one another! But hopefully there will be many play dates, maybe even sleepovers, in your future!

How lucky both sets of pawrents are, having two such beautiful, joyful, life loving furkids to call their own! You both are just as special as can be, beautiful inside and out, and so very deserving of the title Dog of the Day, BFF's and furry soulmates for life!

Great thanks to your family, Poppy, for sharing your and dear Nora's heartwarming love story with us, all of those utterly heart-melting photos! Meeting you two has made my morning! Not sure when you're moving, Nora, but hopefully you haven't moved yet, so that you and Poppy can enjoy a raucous, fun filled Dogs of the Day celebration!

Lots of love, big hugs and smoochies to you, precious Poppy and Nora, our very special and most deserving Dogs of the Day, EVERY day!


Pure joy!!!