My little Tuxxie girl is a miracle kitty because I saved her from under someone's car in the middle of a busy intersection and it is a miracle that she is alive! Tuxxie is not your ordinary kitten, she has a personality that brightens everyone's spirits. She can play, play, play all day 'til she starts panting like a dog! She follows me everywhere I go and paws at the back of my legs as I am walking.

Tuxxie is such a lover! It is routine for her to follow me to bed every night, jump up on the bed, nuzzle her little face in the blanket, and start kneading and licking me. She has a unique white line at the bottom of her back that looks like a line of white paint, the cutest little pink nose, and black markings that look like the lines on the heart monitor machines at the hospital!

Tuxxie is my very first pet...and she found me! She and I were meant to be together and I will love her with all my heart and take the very best care of her until she is no longer with me. She is my best friend and my only daughter ... my "Kitty" daughter.
Hello, Tuxxie in Florida! Happy Cat of the Day!

What a lovely kitty girl you are with your black and white fur! You are dressed for the finest of occasions! I like your sweet kitty face!

How wonderful that your person was able to rescue you from beneath a car - in an intersection! That must have been scary for both of you! You follow your person everywhere, especially at bedtime

You are a very busy kitty, playing and having fun! You can brighten a person's spirits just by being yourself! You are a cuddler when it is time for sleep- giving kisses and nuzzles. Best of all, you are a greatly loved kitty! PURR-fect!

Happy, happy Cat of the Day to pretty Tuxxie!