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Thread: Cat refusing to come home

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    Cat refusing to come home

    My cat Murphy got out 9 days ago when I let the dog out. He is mostly an inside cat but occasionally ventures out when the dog is let out. Typically when we don't notice he's out he'll stay on the porch until someone let's him back in but this time something spooked him off. There is an abandoned house diagonal from me that he has been staying under. He comes out and will stare at someone if they are on my porch but will run if we try to approach him or talk to him. I've left out food, his litter box, my clothing that has my scent, toys, etc., but he just seems to be refusing to come home. Any suggestions on how I can coax him back home? He is a high anxiety cat and was on Prozac at one point in time but I have made changes so his life is as stress free as possible. Any tips will be greatly appreciated

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    Do you have any idea what spooked him?
    How old is Murphy? Has he been neutered?
    How long has he been off his Prozac, and does he have other health issues besides anxiety?
    Sorry about all the questions, but maybe some of them can narrow down why he's not coming back.
    As a last resort, you may have to set up a live trap with some food, at the abandoned house.
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    How is Murphster doing? I sure hope he has come around, what an odd way to behave. Sure hope he comes around and gets over whatever had him freaked. Sending good wishes that the brat comes home!!

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