Milo is my adorable Persian cat who just loves nothing more than going outside in our garden. He's a very lively cat and also very playful. He lives with his brother Teddy who's a British Shorthair. They get along quite well (most of the time) with the odd fight here and there. Which brothers don't fight?

Milo can be your typical laidback Persian cat one minute and the next he's jumping on his cat tree and having fun, he really is a cat with many personalities!

He loves his food and in particular dry food. He also loves treats such as Dreamies and Whiskas. He also loves human food, of course, we keep an eye on what he's eating as some human foods aren't good for cats! Rice pudding and anything with cream in are his favorites.

Being a Persian cat Milo's fur does take some maintaining and he requires daily brushing to ensure his fur stays tangle-free. He's not a huge fan of grooming but he "puts up with it."

He will play with anything that moves and he loves his mouse that's on a stick, he's had this since he was a kitten and can often be seen licking it after he's played with it for hours.

Hello, Milo in England and hello to your brother Teddy too! Happy Cat of the Day!

What a gorgeous Persian kitty you are! Your long ginger and white fur looks so fluffy and soft - I would be delighted to brush you for as long as you're willing to put up with it! You have the cutest face, and I like your floofy feet too!

You are a busy kitty - going out to the garden when the weather is fine, going on the cat tree, and playing- especially with your mouse on a stick or anything that moves! Then it is time to switch to "laid back" mode and be beautiful! I imagine you and Teddy bring loads of smiles and joy to your family each day!

When it is time to enjoy a treat, you like Whiskas or Dreamies. You also enjoy rice pudding or anything with cream! Yum! Your family members keep an eye on the human food you eat, so as not to have anything that may not be good for a cat.

Dear Milo, I hope you have a very special day! Happy Cat of the Day to you, and love to Teddy as well!