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Thread: Cutest Blossom pet of the day June 22, 2008 Just passed away

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    Cutest Blossom pet of the day June 22, 2008 Just passed away

    Blossom pet of the day June 22 2008 passed away just now at 13 years old. She was the last of our original chicks back in 2005. Never showed here age and was the sweetest. She will always be in our Hearts. She is now with her other brothers and sisters who went before her. Who would have thought a $2.50 baby chick would bring so much joy to our lives. She will be greatly missed

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    You loved Blossom, there's no price on that 💐🌺💕

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    Oh, how lovely. My deepest sympathy to you and all who love and grieve and will miss Blossom so very much. May your precious memories and keepsakes help to bring you comfort.

    Blossom is now at the Rainbow Bridge, a glorious Angel with her brothers and sisters, sending down love and reminding you that love is eternal, she is with you always, and you will all be together again, One Fine Day..

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    I'm so sorry. Here's her picture. She was from Oregon!

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    Aww, rest in peace, pretty girl. You had a lovely long life, even though we know it's never long enough for those who love you.
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    I am very sorry. What a beauty you are, dearest Blossom!


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