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Thread: Rugger RIP

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    Rugger RIP

    My step-kitty Rugger passed away this morning at the age of 11-or-thereabouts. My husband Dan adopted him ten years ago from the old Santa Clara Valley Humane Society. He had been isolated in a pink parrot cage (!) due to a chronic respiratory infection, but had so won the hearts of the humans there that one worker cried when she saw his photo posted as an adoptee. Dan named him "Rugger" in honor of our pastor (a dedicated rugby player).

    He was a good friend to Dan, and handled things reasonably well when I moved in with two older cats... one of whom did NOT get along with him. He did have a couple of bad habits, in particular his way of showing affection by biting. (yeow!) But he was a sweetie, and became fast friends with Naomi when she joined our family in 2016.

    Here he is performing QA testing on a blanket I just finished.

    Loved and missed by Daddy, Mommy, Uncle Phil, Remy, and Naomi.
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    Aww, rest in peace, handsome boy. Our condolences to all who loved him!
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    What a beautiful boy he was! I'm sorry for your loss.

    Rest in peace dear Rugger! You were loved and your many human friends will remember you and keep your in their hearts.

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    Beautiful, handsome Rugger. Play happily and breathe deep at the Rainbow Bridge. You and your dad and stepmom will meet there again One Fine Day.
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    I am very sorry about Rugger's passing. He was such a beautiful boy, and so lucky to come to live with a family who loved him so much.

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    Rugger was so fine, I think I know how much he will be missed. It is perfectly clear how much he was loved, condolences to Ruggers family and freinds.🌺

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    Rest in peace dear Rugger. You will be sorely missed by everybody who loved you.

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    I am so sorry.
    RIP Rugger.
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    I am so sorry. What a beautiful boy you were, Rugger, and still are, even more so now with your Angel wings. My deepest sympathy to your family members and all who love you and grieve you and will miss you so much. May their lovely, wonderful memories and keepsakes help to bring them comfort.

    Rest in peace, dearest Rugger, whole and healthy again now, a glorious Angel at the Rainbow Bridge. Please send some loving purrrs to the hearts of your dear family members to remind them that love is eternal, you are with them always, and you will all be together again, One Fine Day..

    from Pat and kitties
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