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Thread: Working cats

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    Working cats

    Even though I'm a proponent of indoor-only cats, there are some kitties who need a home, but are not suitable for an indoor-only environment.
    They deserve a forever home and quality care just like any other cat, so the Forsyth Humane Society developed a working cat program in order to give those cats a chance.
    I met some of those wonderful kitties, and so far all of them have found a home.

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    In 2009, I visited a Whisky Distillery in Scotland. They used to have a working cat called Towser, she was an excellent mouser - there's even a statue of her, which you can see here:

    After he died, they employed new cats, hoping they would get one as skilled as Towser.

    Here's a few links:

    PS. If you ever go there, they also have the most delicious homemade "Millionaire shortbread."

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