Hi Bobo in Germany! Happy Pet of the Day to you, and to your dear Tortoise pal Mommo, too!

What a beautiful Tortoise you are, Bobo! You have the prettiest shell coloring and markings, and just look at that smile! Love that photo of you and Mommo posing so sweetly for camera! As I said, that smile of yours is a total heart-melter!

How lucky your human is, Bobo, having a best shelled friend as beautiful, as unique, as special as you in her/his life! And just as lucky are you and Mommo and your other Torti pal, having found your way to such a caring and loving forever home! You and the entire shelled crew truly are living the good life, treated to only the best in diet and accommodations, all love your hearts can hold, every Tortoise's dream life!

Thanks for the BIG smiles, sweetheart! Hope you're enjoying a very special day of celebration, spending fun time with your human and Torti friend, all warm and comfy, indoors; munching on tasty hay and treats; being loved and pampered to pieces by your devoted human! Lots of love to you, beautiful Bobo, our very special and most deserving Pet of the Day, EVERY day! Love to beautiful Mommo and your other Torti friend, too!

SO sweet!!!