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Thread: One year ago today...

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    One year ago today...

    I took Cole in for his regular checkup - I am ashamed to say it had been two years since his last one.

    All went well. He was in need of a dental as FORL had raised its ugly head. He'd been throwing up, but had had a session or two of this in his life so I didn't rush him into my vet right away.

    Dr. Becky found a couple of lumps on his abdomen. She did an aspiration and they tested negative - as mast cells just under the skin often do.

    Then came ultrasounds and x-rays, then ultrasound-guided biopsies. Lungs were clear - spleen and liver tested positive for mast cell cancer.

    Applying for grants, financing, Cole's surgery, follow up with an oncologist and chemo - a tyrosine kinase inhibitor called Palladia given every other day.

    A month ago Cole was declared to be in remission from the cancer, although he still has to take chemo for the rest of his days. Interestingly, his diabetes of several years standing also went into remission; this process started before any chemo or surgery. It has to have been the Transfer Factor I started him on; I knew it would be a couple of weeks before surgery and chemo wouldn't start til a couple of weeks after that. I figured it wouldn't hurt him and might help.

    My beautiful boy is happy and playful. THANK YOU to everyone who prayed and donated what they could to help my baby boy along.

    (Sorry the pics are so big!)

    After surgery and started on chemo - May 11:

    Cole after his last ultrasound and buffy coat test which showed the liver tumour had not recurred and he was in remission.
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    So nice to hear he's I'm remission, and what a handsome boy he looking to be. That second picture is great!
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    What a difference a year makes! You two did a phenomenal job getting through all the procedures and treatments.
    Keep up the good work.
    Cole, you are the most fluffy and handsome boy!

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    What a great tale! Cole, you and Candace (and all the kitties) rock!

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    You look great Cole. Keep it up.


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