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Thread: Choir Singing

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    Choir Singing

    Here is a picture of our choir singing at church this past Sunday.I am in the back row to the left of the bald man who was the parade announcer during the Santa Claus Parade.I was asked about joining from one of the choir members before the service on October 8th,we have only 6 men at the time,I said would give it a try.I did 3 practices before I sang on a Sunday,have been doing it since really enjoying it.Next Friday our choir is singing carols uptown during moonlight magic,at the end of that a Christmas tree is lit up at the town hall.On December 16th,we are singing at a Catholic church in Oshawa,Ontario where our choir director is the organist,they do not have a senior choir.We do the same service at our church the following day and on December 24th,we sing at the Christms Eve service at 7p.m.That is our minister Reverend Jen Broomhead in the white robe,the girl to the right two over in front of the lady is Shannon's daughter Samantha ,she is 12 now.
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    thanks very much devon. I have been boo'd.

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    VERY nice, Barry! Thank you!

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    That's wonderful, good for you!! I tried out for the choir in grade six, my best freind was accepted but I was not (Ouch) Can't get rejected if ya don't try, right? Heh heh.

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    Wow! That's wonderful Barry! For some reason I always imagined you having a great voice! hwhw And for the entire choir to perform this holiday season at another church, at the tree lightning *moonlight magic* event, quite the honor! Have fun Barry! Share some pics if you can!

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