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Thread: Recipes - Christmas sweets

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    Recipes - Christmas sweets

    I'll start with this... haven't tried it yet, but probably will soon.

    Pistachio balls - 28 pcs.

    200 g pure raw marcipan
    100 g of soft nougat (
    Soft nougat contains finely ground hazelnuts, chocolate, sugar and cream)
    Aprox. 250 g of good dark chocolate 56%, like Valrhona Caraque
    150 g unsweetened pistachio kernels.

    Roll the marzipan out to two 20 cm long sausages, each cut into 14 equal pieces, a total of 28 pieces.
    Divide the nougat into 28 identical squares, put each piece into a lump of marcipan.
    Cover the nougat in the marzipan and roll them into balls and dip each in melted chocolate. Then roll each in finely blended pistachio nuts.

    And for you who have one of those Kitchen Aid machines, I have to show you this Turron recipe! Looks yummy!
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    I am intending to make sponge candy this year to give as gifts, so will share the recipe when I have trued one or two that work, unless someone already has one?
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    Never try or give a recipe unless you have tasted it or made it yourself. It's just... cruel. P.s. What the heck is sponge candy, like sponge toffee?


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