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Thread: Holiday Card swap 2017:please write here who's card you received

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    Quote Originally Posted by phesina View Post
    An update on Gary (Cadmandu) Tweedle's address:

    I found out today that the post code for his hospital should be L8M 1W9 (rather than 2W9 for the last part, as I'd had before). I hope the cards with the 2W9 will still get to him.
    Oops.... I sent my card to 2W8....... . I sure hope he got it anyway......!

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    That was where I sent my card, too, Lut. I imagine they'll get there, maybe just take a little longer. The address says "St. Peter's Hospital" in it, so it should be pretty clear where it's supposed to go.

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    I got my stamps yesterday. I have received a few cards but refuse to open them until I get mine sent!
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    Thank you, Pat, for your adorable kitty card!


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