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Thread: Oscar update

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    Oscar update

    Oscar is eating his new urinary food. Yesterday he went to my local vet for an x-ray to see how the small stones in his bladder were progressing.

    They're gone!

    Dr Becky wants to re-check him every three months for now.

    She gave him a quick checkup also. Even I could see the tell-tale bright red marks of FORL at the gumline of two molars...and there might be more. So there's another dental surgery in his future, and my wallet. But whatcha gonna do, right? He's my baby.
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    That's wonderful news that the stones are gone, Candace and Oscar!

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    That is indeed great news that the stones are gone!
    Our babies not only tug on our heartstrings, but also on our wallets. As you said, Candace: "Whatcha gonna do."


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