Hi Robby in Germany! Happy Dog of the Day!

What a handsome, fluffy, utterly adorable boy you are, Robby! Love your long, fluffy coat, that peek-a-boo 'do! hehe Even your footies are fluffy! (See bottom photo!) Your human loves you SO very much and for good reason! You're the best dog in the whole wide world!
How lucky she/he is, having known your unconditonal love and devotion, your friendship, these many years! You're so much more than a pet, a best furry friend! You're family, your human's soul mate, the love of her/his life! You truly are one in a million Robby, your human's never ending source of comort and joy, love and laughter..."best dog around the world!"

Robby is the best dog around the world! He is my best friend, my comforter, a part of my life ... I cannot live without him. I do not know what breed he is, he is just my furry sweet boy.
Many thanks to your human for sharing your heartwarming backstory and precious photos with us, sweetheart! Meeting you has made my morning! Hope you enjoy a very special, fun filled Dog of the Day, hiking in the woods, playing fetch and hide, hehe, cuddling with your human, being loved and pampered to pieces! Lots of love, hugs and smooches to you, adorable Robby, our very special and most deserving Dog of the Day, Dog of a Lifetime!

Silly boy!!!