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Thread: First off does anyone know how to attach files?

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    First off does anyone know how to attach files?

    Trying to upload pics of my two dogs to get help identify breeds. I cannot find where to upload images other than inserting a url. Can anyone help me? FAQ did not help!

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    When you are typing a post, scroll down below the box you are typing in, and you will see "Additional Options" and within that box, the second category down is "Manage Attachments" - click that and it should walk you through, remember to hit "save changes once you have uploaded each one!

    Hope that helps!

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    I have a similar problem... can't upload an image to any of my albums. It's a .jpg 12kb, so it can't be because of the size. I have several albums here, some are empty since the "catastrophe" and some have about half the images left - but it's impossible to upload new ones.

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