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Thread: Tortie- goodbye after a short but happy life with us

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    Tortie- goodbye after a short but happy life with us

    Little Tortie showed up about a year ago, very very skitty and terrified but hungry- she would eat outside cat food but if she even glimpsed us inside the house at a distance, she would bolt. Then one morning, the morning our poor FeLV cat Daisy crashed and was terminal, I went outside to fill food and water bowls and Tortie came right to me and meowed to be picked up- and when I did, she purred. 180 degree change overnight! Poor Daisy did pass on that day, and Tortie moved inside and pretty much replaced Daisy as resident loud tortoiseshell- but Tortie was VERY old........."At least 10", the vet said, but probably a lot older than that. Her kidney values weren't great, but she managed with occasional and then more frequent sub-cu. fluids-- she ate well and enjoyed lots of lap time..... then last month, she started getting skinnier. She needed her fluids more often, the vet couldn't find anything specific but assumed some sort of cancer- she kept going, fluids perked her up to enjoy food and laps for a while, she was happy and comfortable- but finally one morning she collapsed. I took her to the vets but she didn't even last long enough for the Dr to see her- she passed away in my arms.
    I'm so sorry I couldn't do more for you, little Tortie- but you DID enjoy your food and laptime with us, for the short time we were blessed by your presence. Thank you for changing your mind about us and accepting our hospitality for the months you did- we will miss you. Rest in peace little girl.

    I'd post a picture of her but the recent hacking seems to have messed up the "add photos" part of the photo management part of this site.... I'll add one if I can......
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    Rest in peace pretty girl, glad you knew love if only fort a short time.
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    I am very sorry. You gave Tortie the best year of her life. She'll watching over you from the Rainbow Bridge.

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    I am so sorry to learn of the passing of your loving and beloved friend Tortie. You were so good with her, feeding her outside when she was so skittish and scared to come near. Then your dear Daisy crashed, and Tortie came up to you and let you pick her up, purring away. Daisy did pass away then, and Tortie came inside, replacing her as resident tortoiseshell. (Something tells me Daisy Angel helped get that change to happen!)

    Tortie was very old, and you cared for her so well and so lovingly. What a wonderful period of time you and she had together at home. God bless you and Miss Tortie for working so hard to keep her going as long as she did.

    She is whole and healthy now at the Rainbow Bridge, with Daisy Angel and so many other beloved creatures. Love is eternal, and you and she are together always. She is watching over you and sending down love, and she will welcome you Home.. One Fine Day...

    My deepest sympathy to you and all who love dear Tortie and miss her and grieve her. May your precious memories and keepsakes help to bring you comfort. Thank you so very much for all the love and warmth and care you gave to and shared with Miss Tortie.

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    I am sorry to hear this.

    She ill be waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge!

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    What a bittersweet story. It's as if your Daisy telepathed to her that these humans really needed an assist. (I do believe cats communicate non verbally with one another, just not sure how it is done). And Little Tortie got inside for some loving and cuddles, mending her broken heart while providing a bit of a bridge for yours.

    RIP Little Tortie, have a great romp in the meadows at Rainbow Bridge

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    I send my deepest sympathy for the loss of little Tortie, and also for Daisy.

    You cared so well for Tortie and she had a good year with you, filled with love. I'm sure Daisy sent her inside that day.

    Rest in peace, dear Tortie - Daisy will be there to meet you and show you around.


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    Little Tortie, somehow you knew that the kind people who fed you also needed you. You had heaven on earth while you were with them - love, food, cuddles and the best care you could get.

    Never mind the white coats - you passed in your beloved human's arms, where you were loved and comforted.

    Play happy and free with Daisy at the Bridge, Little Tortie.
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    So sorry to hear you lost your dear Tortie, I know you miss her very much.

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    Prayers to Tortie and her family. A short but happy life filled with loving memories.

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    Bless you for giving Tortie a loving home. Be safe and happy over the Rainbow Bridge Tortie while you wait for the day when you see your loved ones again.


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