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Thread: A case of the derps.

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    A case of the derps.

    I was sitting in the office, entering my exams for the day into the computer, when a call came over the radio asking for a kitten manager. That call usually means that a kitten has arrived at the shelter so sick or injured that the intake staff feel that immediate euthanasia would be the kindest solution. The person they called was not in, so I rushed over to intake and was handed a kitten and told something about possible head trauma.

    What I found was a perfectly healthy kitten with microphthalmia (AKA a tiny eyeball) on one side and a VERY shortened jaw which is also very crooked. Her little tongue pokes out a little bit at all times because of her short jaw. She's going ot need some serious dental work before she's adoptable as one of her lower teeth bumps the roof of her mouth when her mouth is closed, but otherwise...she's fat, sassy, playful, and was DELIGHTED to be indoors with people cuddling her.

    I can definitely see how a non-medical person might think head trauma at first, as her head is a bit....lopsided. Lucky for her, she's just a special girl who landed in the right shelter! I'm going on vacation tomorrow and I'm honestly a little sad that I won't get to watch her blossom over the next few days.

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    Aww, I am sure she will steal someone's heart!
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    OOoooohhhh... she's precious!

    Thank you and your shelter SO MUCH for saving her! God bless you and her and all concerned.

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    Aww, such a little sweetie! If someone abandoned her, I can't put in writing what I think about them. It looks like she has some skin problems also.

    I hope she will find a very loving home and be okay! Give her some kisses for me, please!

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    I think she's one of the many stray kittens around this time of year, we took in 609 kittens last month and they're not slowing down yet!

    As for her skin, I think what's happened is that her teeny jaw makes it hard for her to groom properly. She'll probably need a few extra baths throughout her life.

    I'm leaving on a 5 day trip today but I'll try and get an update on her when I get back!

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    I will say a big prayer for this tiny kitten! I am glad she's safely indoors, and I'm glad she was okay being cuddled!
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    What a precious baby! I always had a soft spot for special needs kitties.
    She is special, and a special person will come along, and give her the forever home she so much deserves.

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    So glad she was rescued! I hope the perfect person will find her and adopt her, give her a great life. She is adorable! Just needs lotsa help is all!

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