There are a lot of games that your dogs loves to play.

Here are some fun games that you and your pet would love to play:

Use Bubbles
Kids love bubbles. But guess what? Dogs do, too! Bubble-chasing mimics predatory behavior such as preying on small animals like birds or bugs.

Vary the Fetch
Sticks are the cheapest toy, as they are readily found along walkways and parks, but they come with too high of a price, often leading to lacerations in the mouth or digestive tract perforations or obstructions.

Play Frisbee
Frisbee is a distinctly different game from regular ball fetch in that the saucer lingers longer in the air than a ball, ultimately giving the dog a better chance of catching it in midair.

Play With Water
Chasing after water from a moving outdoor hose is easy entertainment for many water-friendly dogs.

Teach Your Dog to Scent
Start off with two colored containers your dog can't see through.

Instigate a Predatory Chase
Channel your dog's inner wolf and incite a predatory chase.

Train Your Pet to Find a Hidden Toy
Discover your canine's proclivity for search and rescue work by hand-placing, rather than throwing, one of his favorite toys in front of him while he watches from a stay position or someone holds him.