Greetings Dezi, a.k.a. Sormovskaya Zarya's Dark Desire! Happy Dog of the Day!

What a beautiful Caucasian Shepherd you are, Dezi! Your coat and coloring are gorgeous; just look at that ;magnificent tail, those fluffy ears! I had never before, until today, even knew of the Caucasian Shepherd breed, so thanks to your human for sharing a bit about your vaunted history!

How very wanted a pup you were, Dezi, your family flying you all the way from Russia to Texas! And by all accounts, it's clear you have fulfilled their very expectation and then some! Your humans are one lucky bunch, having a furry family member as beautiful, as smart, as loyal and loving in you! What fun they're in for (especially your young skin sister) over the years to come, the lot of you sharing countless happy times, making cherished memories! You're a gem, Dezi, and so very deserving of your Dog of the Day, crown!

Thanks to your human for sharing your gorgeous self, all of those beautiful photos with us! Meeting you has been a real treat! Hope you're enjoying your big day of honor, cuddling with your skin sister, playing like a puppy, hehe, being loved and pampered to pieces by your proud people! Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you, beautiful Dezi, our very special and most deserving Dog of the Day, EVERY day

Yep, one smart girl!!!