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Thread: eating too fast

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    eating too fast

    Hi all

    we had 2 cats....then we took in a stray that was starving when he showed up...since then we have discovered that the cat had belonged to a man that died. Milo is a wonderful cat but has an issue with eating too fast and up comes his food...i have tried putting a little water so he has too lick it and slow him down....for about 5 days i thought this was the answer but he threw up his food again...not sure how to solve his!!

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    Sounds like it probably was a long time between feedings, that got him in this habit. Get a large rock, or a large ball that you can wash, and put it dead center in his food fish, so he has to eat around it. That sometimes helps slow down an animal - cat or dog - with this issue.
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    I was going to suggest as Karen did. Even a couple good sizes rocks. Be sure they are too large for him to swallow, and wash them in hot water to have them clean. If he has to hunt for his food, it is more natural as well as slowing him down.

    Feed him dry kibble once a day, and wet food once a day. For the wet, you may have to just put down a dollop, wait 15 minutes, put down more. It's a nuisance but worth it after a week or so, he should catch on that food is always coming, and slow down.

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    I had a cat that ate too fast as well. The rock in the food dish worked! Give it a try!
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    Thanks so much ...i will try the rock in the bowl :-)

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    There are also feeding bowls that are designed to slow an animalís eating speed.


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