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Thread: Reeses' Very Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Reeses' Very Happy Thanksgiving!

    Congratulations, Reeses, on the special honor of being the Thanksgiving Day POTD! You are absolutely precious, endlessly photogenic, and soooo lucky to have found such a wonderful forever home!!! (I'll never understand how anyone can give up their pet!) Enjoy your very special honor today, Sweet Boy, with adorable Patches and your wonderful new family!! We hope your story inspires others to ADOPT from shelters - there are thousands of wonderful pets who need loving forever homes! XOXOXO

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    Adorable Reeses!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Reeses! We are so glad your mom adopted you. We cannot imagine how anyone could every give you up, perhaps they had to for some reason that had nothing to do with your cute self! We are glad you are now in your forever home, and how exciting you now have a little girlfriend to be your buddy! Your coloring almost matches each other, too! You sound just as sweet as your namesake candy, Reeses, especially with the kisses to the nose you hand out! Congratulations, and we hope you get some extra treats today, Reeses, it is your big day! Happy Thanksgiving again, cutie!
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    Happy Thanksgiving Reeses and Patches! You're both adorable!!! How sad your first family gave up on you but just look at the great mom you have now!
    Congrats to Reeses on being POTD! I hope you both have a fun day celebrating both Thanksgiving and Reeses' special day!
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    Precious Reeses and Patches!

    Greetings precious Reeses and Patches! Happy Piggy Pet of the Day to you both, and to you and your entire family, wishes for a very happy Thanksgiving Day! How lucky are we here on Pet of the Day, having two adorable, most deserving furkids as our very special honorees...a twofer! I just love your "Reese's Peanut Butter Cup" coloring! You two could be birth siblings, you look so much alike! And how festive you look, Reeses, posing for your Turkey Day photo! TOO CUTE!!! But nothing beats seeing you, Reeses, in your holiday colored cuddle cup, snuggling with your Teddy Bear (pre-Patches, hehe)! And the sight of you two snuggling is beyond heart melting!

    I was SO touched, reading your heartwarming backstory! I too, Reeses, can't understand how a family who clearly cared for you, would surrender you! But in the end your story couldn't have had a happier ending, a happier new beginning! And yes, there's no doubt you are giving extra thanks this year, Reese, not only for the gift of a girlfriend, for the devoted friendship you and Patches share, but for having finally found your forever homes, as in "till death do us part, FOREVER! And no doubt your mom is doubly thankful, having two such precious, sweet and loving piggies in her life, bringing endless joy to her days. What a wonderful family, so giving, so thankful!

    Thank you for warming my cold and rainy Thanksgiving day with your special story and precious pics, kids! Enjoy your big day in the spotlight, being spoiled rotten, a very happy Thanksgiving, and every minute of your enchanted life! Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, precious Reeses and Patches!

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    Reeses' such a cute sight to behold! Those pics are fabulous and POTD is definitely what Reeses' should be....both of them!

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    Reeses what a gorgeous fellow you are!!!

    I loved seeing your adorable pictures. You and Patches look so cute together too. You certainly made me smile today!!! What a treasure you are. I can not imagine why your first family gave you up. You have a wonderful forever home now, Plus you have Patches for a friend. Please thank your mommy for sharing you with us.

    I hope you all are enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving day.
    Congratulations, sweet Reeses, on being our very special Pet of the Day!!!
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    Hello Reeses and Patches, What a cute couple you are! I enjoyed reading your article and am so glad you both have a forever loving home. I hope you both will have many happy healthy years with your family. Congrats on being POTD!

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    Thanks to everyone who commented on Reeses. He is truly a sweetheart.
    I think his life is now complete with Patches. They both seem happy.
    Adopted pets are the BEST. I think they appreciate more.

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    Reeses and Patches -- PT's own for our Thanksgiving Pet of the Day! I hope you both had a very happy Thanksgiving with your caring mom -- I am pretty sure you did! Your colors of golden-orange, black and white are so pretty, I would love to gently pet you. Could you please have your mom give you an extra pet for me. You do your "trick" of being cute and sweet very well! Happy, happy Pet of the day to Reeses and Patches!
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