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Thread: Bed Time!

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    Bed Time!

    My Ratterprise crew all love to run around on and under my bed. I have a lot of physical issues, so lying down is usually a good thing and it's something different for them. All my little furry friends enjoy 'Bed Time', particularly my two rex girls who I'm working on trust with still (T'Pol is sometimes called Peeps because if I close my hand around her she peeps!). Guinan and T'Pol aren't allowed to free range in the main area because I'm worried I'd never catch them again but I let them have free run time in my room and they have great fun.

    The crew loves to:
    • run over the covers
    • scurry under the covers
    • wiggle between the covers
    • slide down the blankets to the floor
    • climb up the blankets to the bed
    • play a round of toe nibbles
    • clamber over my head
    • scoot under the bed
    • snuffle in the closet
    • snuggle under my pjs
    • burrow into the pillows
    • tunnel through the laundry
    • climb into open drawers
    • search for any snacky crumbs on the night table and
    • play 'guess who' (I have to guess which rattie is under my hand without looking) under the covers

    I haven't yet been able to have all 9 in for "Bed Time" yet, but one day they will all be scurrying about and I will be a very happy Ratty Commander!
    Seeking out new treats and going where no ratty has gone before,

    Ratterprise Command.
    Dumbledore ~ Senior Recycling Technician, Nellie ~ Extreme Exploration Expert, Dax ~ Nutritional Supplement Inspector, Kira ~ Small Excavations Supervisor, T'Pol ~ Caution Advisor , Guinan ~ Junior Uniform Inspector, Icheb ~ Security Officer, Janeway ~ Away Team Supervisor, Tiberius ~ Heat Therapist

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    Awww, how fun that must be!
    I've Been Frosted

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    Oh! you're always have a great time!


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