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Thread: Handsome Rayden the Dogo Argentino!

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    Handsome Rayden the Dogo Argentino!

    Rayden is such a handsome boy, and his warm, dark amber-colored eyes stand out against his classic white Dogo Argentino coat! How neat you saw his father on TV, and were impressed enough to buy one of his puppies, and have it flown here to you! And they are a rare breed, especially here in the US - in of all the years he is the very first Dogo Argentino to ever be Dog of the Day! So he gets to be proud to represent his whole breed! That is one impressive vertical leap he has, too! It is great he is so friendly, as he has such striking and distinctive good looks, I am sure everyone wants to meet him! And just like every white horse ever - he likes getting dirty! Congrats again, cute Rayden!
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    Stunning Rayden!

    Good morning, Rayden! Congratulations on nabbing "top dog" honors, sweetheart!

    What a stunning boy you are, Rayden! Your pure white coat, contrasted against those sparkling, amber eyes, just gorgeous, and that face...just adorable, hehe! And wow, that IS one impressive vertical leap! What an amazing athlete you are, Rayden, in addition to being a "looker" and a lover boy! As Karen has said, you do your rare breed proud, and make one fine ambassador for Dogos Argentino, near and far!

    Your human, literally, went the extra mile to bring you home (after finding your doggie daddy on TV), and how well her/his extra effort has been rewarded, having a best friend, a devoted and loving companion and protector, in you! How extra special an honoree you are, Rayden, being the first Dogo Argentino to be crowned Dog of the Day here on Pet Talk! Now the entire world knows what your family has known since day one...just how special a breed is yours, just how special YOU are!

    You truly are a gem of a pup, Rayden, and so very deserving of your big day in the spotlight! Enjoy it to the fullest, sweetheart, doing all of your fave things, including but not limited to...playing, running, riding in the car, getting dirty, lounging on the beach, being spoiled rotten! Lots of love, hugs and smooches to you, beautiful Rayden! P.S...Your photos are heart melting!
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    HI Rayden, I agree with Tatsxx11. You are a stunning boy. Happy dotd to you!
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    Wow! You are absolutely stunning! Sounds like you are a happy, energetic, bouncy boy! You have a very cute story, too! Congratulations on being our DOTD!
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    This is the first time I've ever see or heard of a Dogo Argentino, Rayden is certainly very impressive indeed! He looks so big and healthy and strong, what a sweetheart! Please forward a hug and smooch to Rayden our fabulous DOTD!

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    Thanks for selecting Rayden as Dog of the day! He is such a wonder boy! I absolutely love my guy! Yea Rayden! And Dogo Argentinos all over the world! Thanks

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    Congratulations on being Dog of the Day.
    I bet you do like to get dirty. Being white, that seems to be the thing to do.
    Fortunately you also like baths. I bet you get a lot of them.
    What a very handsome boy. I'd drive ten hours to get a dog as special as you.
    Celebrate your special day.

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    You're a gorgeous boy Rayden!!! Congrats on being DOTD!
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    What an adorable sweetheart! So precious and absolutely stunning. Congrats on DOTD!


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