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Thread: Katrina Survivor Earl!

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    Katrina Survivor Earl!

    Handsome Earl Slidell, what a gorgeous bunny you are. We are glad the whole scary ordeal of Hurricane Katrina is far in your past, though it has been ten years, you still have your Who Dat sticker as a reminder of your Cajun beginnings! It is no wonder your mom decided she would be your forever human instead of a foster mom. And how wonderful you have a female friend now, too! It is too bad you caused car accidents pout walking in your handsome pink harness and leash (we know real men can wear pink), but at least you still get time in the back yard for a change of scenery and fresh air! Well done, cutie!
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    Mr. Lucky!

    Congratulations, Earl Slidell, on being POTD! What a lucky bunny you are! We are so glad your inspirational Katrina story has a very happy ending! (God bless all the wonderful people who try to save all the poor animals after a natural or man-made disaster!) Enjoy your special honor today and best wishes for a long, happy, healthy, fun, safe life, Precious, Adorable Boy! XOXO

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    Congratulations Earl on being Pet of the Day.
    I personally know Earl and his Mom and Dad. They belong to an organization that rescues rabbits.
    Earl is every bit as special as his Mom said, and more.
    The message about preparing for a disaster is very important.
    I go one step farther. I have a savings account set up so that
    Huntsville Friends of Rabbits will take my bunnies when I die.
    You may never have to go through a disaster, but you are going to die.
    Make sure your pets are cared for when that happens, either by a family
    member or some organization.
    Earl CELEBRATE your very special day!

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    Earl the Miracle Bun!

    Good morning Earl! Happy Pet of the Day to you!

    What an honor it is, having one so beautiful, so brave, so deserving, as our very special Sunday Pet of the Day! What a courageous bunny you are, Earl, having survived the horror that was Katrina; your rescue is nothing short of miraculous!

    You truly are a fighter and a survivor, Earl, and your indomitable spirit, your rags to riches rescue story is an inspiration to us all! Your life may have had a horrific beginning, but you beat the odds and oh, just look at you now; the very picture of good health, enjoying a carefree, love filled life with your beloved mate, Callie, and your human, never to know heartache or suffering ever again!

    You were one of the lucky ones, Earl, and we can only hope that people will read your life affirming story and heed your wise human's advice regarding micro-chipping so that other pets in peril will have a chance to be re-united with their families should they go missing, should disaster strike!

    Great thanks to your human for sharing your beautiful self, your heartwarming story and all of those precious pics with us! She/he is one lucky soul, having two beautiful best friends in you and Callie, and I hope that you all will know many, many more happy years together!

    Enjoy your big day in the spotlight, sweetheart, celebrating in grand style with Callie and your parents, being spoiled and loved to the max! Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, precious Earl, and to beautiful Callie, too!

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    What a wonderful story and such good advice from you Earl Slidell!

    You and Callie are both adorable!

    Congrats on being POTD Earl Slidell! I hope you have a fun day celebrating with Callie and your family.
    Forever in my heart...

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    Earl Slidell

    Congrats Earl! I have had the pleasure of snuggling Mr Slidell a time or two! He is a special guy!

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    Bunny greetings, darling Slidell! You have been through so much it is no wonder you don't like storms. You have acclimated beautifully and surely you are ever so grateful to have been rescued and now have a loving home. Happy POTD and may you enjoy many happy healthy years with your devoted family!

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    Hello, Earl and hello, Callie bunny too! What a precious pair of bunnykins you are! Sweet Earl, I am so glad you were rescued, and now you have a wonderful new home! I would love to gently pet both you and Callie -- maybe your friend DonnaDWM would do that for me I can tell just how much you are loved! Happy Bunny Pet of the Day to Earl and Callie!
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    Earl and Callie - you are a super cute pair of bunnies - easy to see why your furrever purrsons instantly fell in love with you!


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