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Thread: Vintage Handkerchiefs - what to do with them?

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    Vintage Handkerchiefs - what to do with them?

    Among the effects of my elderly cousin who died at the end of May were a few neatly folded linen (I think) handkerchiefs, and some silk ones (they may be rayon - I have to check).

    I took them because they seemed too nice to throw out. I'll give them a cold wash in Zero. If they are vintage, do people collect them?

    I could put some in shadow box frames, maybe.

    Any ideas?

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    Depending on size of handkerchiefs, ie if they are all the same size, you could stuff them with foam fibrefill and make toss cushions, or if they're very small, pincushions, although using them as inlay for glass boxes is also a neat idea. A friend who has sewing machine has made me a whole of cushions, out of pretty fabric napkins, runners, and most recently bright bandanas. Cost - next to nothing! Just a matter of thinking out of the box. Hope this helps.

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    What about turning some of them into coasters?

    a friend of mine has some really cute ones. theyre made up of cloth with some kinda mesh like stuff in the middle of them to give them body an weight but theres many diff ways of making them. Yahoo/Google is ones best friend an ones enemy sometimes... just saying LOL

    heres a couple of sites explaining how to make fabric coasters an one for table cloth ones. the table cloth one maybe more in the ball park material wise.
    an heres one that explains how to make tile coasters dont see why fabric wouldnt work with the way its explained if anyone wants to venture it.

    they both look fun to make but im all thumbs

    i like the pillow idea too ^^

    ive also seen some turned into baby bonnets

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    I have a hankie that my grandma made and one she bought me when I was a child. The one she made is in my unmentionables drawer and the one she bought me is in my cedar chest. I suppose I should do something with them.
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    Some people collect and frame them, and hang them as art - which of course they are! Arranging 3 or four, neatly folded in a glass frame makes a pretty piece to hang in a hallway or bedroom even.

    On a free afternoon, visit some antique shops, I bet you will see some examples of this!
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    YES! People do collect them!

    Take a look on ebay. After you search 'handkerchief' in VINTAGE, then use the menu along the left side, and click "SHOW ONLY SOLD LISTINGS."

    Some sold for $4 per, others a bit more, a bit less.

    If you plan to sell them, I think you need to keep them as they are, not framed or anything. If you plan to keep them, THEN you can frame them, or use them in the other ways mentioned.


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