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Thread: My cat is really laid back, maybe even sick?

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    My cat is really laid back, maybe even sick?

    My cat is about one years old and lately she has been extremely slow moving and has been having weird eating habits. For the last two weeks she has been basically refusing to eat her dry cat food. I got worried and changed her cat food from dry food to wet cat food. She has recently been eating a lot better but she still moves very slow and some of my friends think she's sick. She has also had fleas for the past 8 months of her life. I tried getting rid of them numerous times but fleas are very hard to get rid of. I have considered taking her to the vet but I'm a college student and I don't really have money to afford a vet bill. If anyone thinks she's sick or something is wrong with her please tell me.

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    You need to get completely rid of the fleas - she may be dangerously anemic. Do you know where they are coming from? What have you been doing to attempt to get rid of them?

    Are her gums a healthy pink, or are they pale? And how are her teeth, have you been able to look in her mouth at all?

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    Fleas cause tapeworm and the worms eat a lot of the food that you feed your kitty.

    There are medicines that you put on the skin at the back of her neck, a small amount. However, you can only get them at a vet office.

    If you can find a vet that will take a payment plan, or if there is a vet school somewhere near you, please get your kitty in. If she is an indoor/outdoor cat, she will need the med once a month.

    Is she spayed?
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    Kitty definitely needs to have a vet check.

    Many areas offer low cost vet options. Check on your local craigslist, under Pets (it is in the upper left, in the Community section), even post if anyone knows of a low cost vet in your area.

    I also was thinking anemia from the fleas. Do check her gums and if they are not a healthy pink, you really have no choice, she is quite ill and needs a vet asap.


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