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    You're a beauty Bella!!! Thank goodness you were saved in the knick of time!

    Congrats on being DOTD! I hope you have a fun day celebrating with Sofia!
    Forever in my heart...

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    Bella Bean....

    I can't tell you how thrilled we were to see Miss Bella honored for Dog of the Day. She is an amazing puppy ... full of love and sparkle.. mischief and wiggles. In the five months we've had her, there's never been an 'accident' in the house.. well given that she never lived inside makes sense.. poor baby girl. all alone for so long and never knowing the comfort of a home cooked meal... she counted on the school kids passing by to share their sandwiches and Dortios. A neighbor lady was kind enough to give her water once in a while and she still goes through the dramatic.. " I'm dying of thirst" routine when she wants a drink. She learned a lot living on the streets.. she's clever and can charm you with a wink and a sweet little paw in supplication for attention. Bella adores her big sister Sofia and watches her every move, striving to become another Diva.. just yesterday she tried to catch raindrops as they sprinkled down.. adorable no?

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    Congratulations on being Dog of the Day.
    You are so special. A survivor for sure.
    You hit the jackpot with your "furever" they love you very much.
    I love those ears, perfectly lined with light brown.
    Celebrate your special day. You are world famous.

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    Hello, Bella! We met your sister Sofia a few weeks ago and now it is your turn to be the Dog of the Day!

    You sure are cute! When I read your story I thought of a bumper sticker I have seen on a car in the parking lot at work. It says, "Rescued is my favorite breed"! I like your brown (or black?) ears and your brown and golden coat! I would like to watch you and Sofia playing tag, or serve you each a yummy dog treat. Since I can't, maybe your person will do that for me and give you some hugs, too! Happy Dog of the Day to Bella, diva in training!

    p.s., I love this picture of Bella and Sofia! It is from Sofia, DoberDiva's Dog of the Day
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    Bella is just an awesome DOTD! Sofia is wonderful too!

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    Beautiful Bella!

    Hi Bella! Belated Dog of the Day congrats to you, beautiful girl! (I DO see that halo!) You truly are one amazing pup, a true survivor, a heaven sent angel, and oh yeah, 100% cute! We're so grateful to your family for rescuing you, and as is so often the case with our rescues, you give back tenfold the love you get! What a lucky girl you are, having a mentor and best pup pal in Sofia, not to mention totally adoring and committed humans! But luckiest of all are your people, having a beautiful best friend, a loving companion, in YOU (and in Sofia, too!) I hope you and Sofia enjoyed a very happy, fun filled Dog of the Day, being spoiled rotten! You sure deserve it! Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you, beautiful Bella, and to Sofia too! XO XO XO

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    It took me a while to get here and give my input on Bella, but here I am and I have to say Bella is "bella" literally (in Spanish). I adopted her sister as my first doggy niece, and when Bella came about she became my second doggy niece. I know she is in such great hands and loved so very much. Love her long long legs!


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