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Thread: Meet Robbie!

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    Meet Robbie!

    He's not mine, I'm house-sitting for some friends. Robbie is, hands-down, the coolest looking dog I've ever cared for! He's also a perfect gentleman. I gave him a bath today and despite the fact that he obviously hated it, he stood quietly and let me suds him up. GSD/corgi, perhaps?

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    His Body looks Swedish Vallhund, but those are pretty rare here, and his head does not look Vallhund at all ... his face looks Beagle-ish!
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    He's cute and low to the ground. part daschund?? corgi? I don't know... just guessing.

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    He wieghs about 50lbs so I think vallhund or corgi or bassett is more likely than Doxie, but you never know!!

    Robbie's family is coming home tomorrow, and I know he's going to be thrilled! Robbie and I are good friends, but he's got two little girls who he just loves, and he seems bored with just little ol' me here.


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