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Thread: Acné!!!

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    You're a beauty Aki!!! I bet you keep your human very busy!

    Congrats on being DOTD! I hope you have a fun day celebrating!
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    Hi Acné you are a beauty!!! Happy DOTD!!
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    If anyone also does Google+ she could sure use some pluses over there -
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    Acne, you are just beautiful, one can tell how much your Person loves you. Congratulations for being our Dog Of The Day.

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    Dragon Slayer!!!

    What an incredible darling.. Love the high energy dogs and yep.. you've got one for sure. Have you tried the KONGS? They're about the only thing that lasts longer than twenty minutes around here.
    Best of luck with your dream of a Border Collie Kennel.. You'll make a wonderful owner.
    Congratulations Acne.. You are so special!!

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    Ahoj šťastný černý pes Acné! (Hello, pretty black dog Acné!) What a beautiful, active, smart doggie you are! I would like to go for a walk or play with you! From your pictures and story I can tell just how much you are loved Happy Dog of the Day to you, Aki in beautiful Czecha! (Ja jsem cesky)
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    Brrrr, I've been Frosted! Thank you, Asiel and Pomtzu!

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    Beautiful Aki!

    Happy Dog of the Day, Acne! What a gorgeous girl you are, Aki, one stunning blend of two amazing breeds, the BC and Malinois, exhibiting the best traits of breeds! Your human's dream, she says, has always been to surround herself with high energy, athletic, purebred BC's! But I'm sure she would agree that considering your keen intelligence, great athleticism, unbridled zest for life and BIG heart, you more than fit the Border Collie bill! And I'm sure that dealing with Abby's challenges so patiently as she has, has taught her a lot, too! You're one amazing girl, Aki, and it's easy to understand why your human loves you so!!! How lucky she is, having a best friend, a loyal protector, a loving companion in you! Enjoy a very happy, fun and activity filled Dog of the Day, sweetheart, eviscerating stuffies, jumping for Frisbees, being spoiled rotten! And hopes too, that your mom will realize her dream to own a BC kennel! And as for you, I just know you're going to shine on the agility course, Frisbee competitions, in all of your future endeavors! Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you, beautiful Aki! XO XO XO

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    Acne' is sublime beyond measure! I loved seeing her beautiful pics today, what a fine DOTD!

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    Congratulations on being Dog of the Day.
    You are a beautiful girl. I especially like black pets and you are a perfect example of why.
    At six months, you have a lot of growing to do, so enjoy life.


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