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Thread: Not sure what else to do for Cleo other than rehome her possibly....I hate too but I don't know what else to do.

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    I have waterproof mattress pads, well now just 1 because the other one got destroyed in the washing machine. Now I have started to put puppy pads down on the bed because I don't know what else to do to get her to try to to stop spraying the walls or peeing on my bed.

    Since doing the puppy pads this week she hasn't had any peeing on the bed that I've noticed but once I removed them I watch her very carefully.

    The vet recommended that I take her off the Prozac since it wasn't making a difference in her and to try to back off the pain meds since he believes it's behavorial and not medical.

    I've cut down on her pain meds and so far she's sprayed I know that, I don't know how many times in a day she does that. But my mom helped clean my room and helped spray the walls, etc. and I think that helped.

    I'm keeping a close eye on her and I started feeding her Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract For Cats. So far everyone at the house seems to like it. I think though Cleo needs some type of anixety drug to relax her and keep her calm and I will check about getting Ashley on some prozac or something as well because she gets worked up when Cleo is not even near her at times.

    Cleo will use the box, now this morning I could tell she wanted to spray so I kinda followed her and watched her to see what she was doing. She finally laid down after I kept tell her no when she would go and try to spray. She knows that's not a good thing. She does use the litter box for peeing and I'm starting to wondering now since she hasn't peed on my bed since either Sunday or Monday if it was the pain meds causing her more trouble than good.

    I did check with my ex to see if he would take her and he said no. I do feel that because we are all in one room that it's hard to get along but I do remember last July when I was in the apartment with all four cats that Cleo would chase Ashley. She does tend to chase my Claudia and she is 12 years old. I haven't seen her chase Athena which is about the only cat she seems to get along with. This is why I wonder at times if she were the only cat or had only one other cat in a house how she would react vs being with 3 other cats.

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    I feel your pain. I really, really do. It is so frustrating that I considered having Mollie euthanized. As i believe so strongly in a no-kill world, I know that I would feel the ramifications of that act forever. BUT, I wanted to do it.

    I went to a mattress store and bought 100% moisture protectors. 100%. I bought the king sized and cut them up to put them in favorite pee spots and I would use them on my bed, pinned with baby pins, all the time. Didn't cut down on the peeing BUT it saved my sanity by not having to wash the world every day.

    Then, I put two cats on Prozac. I fought it long and hard, but finally did it. Mollie was ONE of my pee'rs, but I had two others doing it in reaction to Mollie. This drastically cut down on my peeing situation, but by no means did it eliminate it. I would clean up 3 -4 times daily poop and pee in my kitchen. Thankfully, it was on linoleum, but still.

    I think it is possible you have a cat with both medical AND behavioural issues. I have a cat that had the PU surgery. And, I still have a cat with frequent UTIs, possibly brought on by stress. Those are issues that need to be addressed, as in no way is it fair to 'blame' a cat for peeing outside the box in those conditions. They are cats, not humans that can reason, "yeah, it hurts when I pee, but I still pee in the toilet". Rarely, do stones seem to cause female cats problems. So, that is something you must figure out.

    As to crating her, that HAS worked in retraining her. Does she EVER go in the box? That would be helpful to know. Does she dislike some cats? I swore by the plug-ins for a mom uses some holistic cat treats that have something in them.

    Bottom line- it is cat pee. It isn't the end of the world, even if it feels like it.

    Edited, as I re-read your initial post. What about putting some of the other cats on Prozac? That actually worked for me. I never had Mollie (who is spay incontinent/leaks) on Prozac. I put my two other cats on it, and it calmed THEM down, which in turn, calmed Mollie down.

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    I'm sorry that Cleo is not doing well, and i feel your frustration. I've have kits that pee before too, but both were very sick.

    Stress is a big factor. I know when i was fostering Bertie, my other cats reacted to her. I'ts not that they don't accept newcomers, but Bertie didn't like them. She growled all the time at the crew, and they reacted. When Bertie was rehomed, the changed in mood was fantastic. Bertie was probably grumpy because she had been declawed (not by me.) And she wanted to be the only cat.

    I hope you can find a solution from the many presented.

    PS, have you ever tried to go grain free.? I read that you use Hill's. Does Hill's even carry a grain free? Most has corn in it, from what I've read. on occasion I've read the ingredient list while shopping.
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    Well as some of you know my Cleo wasn't doing very well and I had her at the vets on Aug. 6th and she dropped 1 pound since June 2014 vet visit.

    The 2 weeks prior to that I noticed that she was laying around more and as I posted though she was acting like herself with spraying. She started to come and sleep with me again, which she hasn't done in a while and she would sleep on my chest like mom I don't feel well.

    They did a whole bunch of blood work and other than her testing positive for the corona virus (which the vet said a lot of cats do test positive and it doesn't mean that they have it) everything else is really good. Her fur looked terrible but she was cleaning herself. I had to put the food in front of her to get her to eat, although she did eat one time on her own. I tried to get her to move around but she wouldn't and her temperature was elevated on Aug. 6th and again on Aug. 13th.

    She has now since Sunday Aug. 17th has had a normal temperature. The vet feels that the whole episode has been due to her coming off the Buprenex and having a withdrawal from it even though I slowly took her off of it like the vet recommended.

    They performed an ultrasound on Tuesday Aug. 12th and everything looked normal except they did mention that her liver was a little small but I spoke with the vet on Monday about it and just to confirm we didn't need to anymore tests since she was improving and the vet agreed and said that just be sure to keep checking her incase she relaps or something and this happens again. But of course now this morning I caught her SPRAYING again......I'm really really not happy about it. Last week I thought I was going to lose her....and now this.

    The vet did do an x-ray and nothing was seen. They did a heart test and her heart is great too. The weird thing is she had a fever on Aug. 13 of 103.4....and even the vet said she didn't think a withdrawal could cause a fever we'll see but if anyone has any suggestions about spraying.....or helping her with that let me know.

    I've done all I can think of between putting lavender scented sticks in my room....Feliaway plug ins.....Feliaway spray.....Nothing works. I honestly hate to cage her to be honest.....and well I don't have the money for that big of a cage right now that I'd get her but I'm getting a little fed up and when I move out of my parents place I can't have a cat spraying.

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    Hi there.

    When you do move out of your parents' place, maybe the spraying will stop, especially if it is stress-related.

    Again, Medusa (Mary) on here swears by Clomicalm. I think two of her cats are on it, and it works wonderfully. Maybe PM her about it.
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    Well I'm not sure what's happening with Cleo this morning but she didn't come down and eat her food like she did yesterday. So now I'm back to being concerned about her......I don't know really know if she is feeling back to herself I thought so but this morning has me worried....I took her temperature and she was at 101.5 and that's good but she just laid and didn't move like she did Monday morning for me.

    I have found someone that will put her in a bathroom and she won't be around other cats.....I will PM Mary about the Clomicalm and see. I don't know when I can move out probably not till late next year I'll have enough funds saved up etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by Catty1 View Post
    Hi there.

    When you do move out of your parents' place, maybe the spraying will stop, especially if it is stress-related.

    Again, Medusa (Mary) on here swears by Clomicalm. I think two of her cats are on it, and it works wonderfully. Maybe PM her about it.

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    I hope she does well in the bathroom situation. Is there something with your scent on it that can go with her? I hope you can visit her fairly frequently, and that she gets lovies from the other person. Maybe this person could come over and meet her first?

    Good luck!
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