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Thread: Cats In Rochester Ny Area Need Help urgently

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    Cats In Rochester Ny Area Need Help urgently

    We are trying to find either foster homes or permanent homes for several cats that will have nowhere to go . Most were all abandoned other than one or two and we agreed to help with the stipulation that they would get foster homes because we could only help for a short period and now time is getting close to being up and we can not keep them here anylonger as we will not be living here . With the help of a wonderful 5013c rescue they have all been spayed and now they just need people to open thier hearts and give them a chance at life. the rescue is trying to help find foster homes but they are having a hard time due to kitten season . We have been able to give them temporary shelter but they will have no where to go in the next couple of months . All have been lukemia tested but that is as much as we were able to help with. If there are any rescues or people who do fostering for cats in need any help would be appreciated they deserve a chance . A few polydactayl, two Siamese mix, a young maincoon looking kitten about a year old possibly, long hair tiger, short hair tigers, orange , one appears to be an exotic shorthair, a tuxedo black and white great fellow, and others some wonderful cats with great personalities Please if you have room in your rescue , home and or heart these guys needs help the rest of the way we have done what we can.

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    Aww, I am nowhere near there, but I hope you find homes - at least fosters - for them!
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