Hey everyone! They boys are settled in nicely, and almost ready for their big snip! I love having them around, though I have to admit I'm not nearly as attached as I was to the last batch. That's probably best, giving those guys up was HARD!

Colonel Crumpet has really come into his own! He's still skittish around loud noises and sudden movements, but he gets over his startles quickly and comes back to PLAY! He has not once climbed into my lap, nor have I heard him purr, but he plays like a crazy creature and will come running when I start tossing toys around! He likes to wrestle stuffed animals and chase toilet paper tubes especially!

I made kissy noises to get him to look at the camera and startled him...

He LOOOOVES wet food!

Not a great pic, but I liked the little tongue!

More tongue!

He unfortunately pooped on himself in his carrier this morning when he went in for a shot...I cleaned him off, but he's been grooming almost nonstop since then!

Handsome boy!

Yes, he is as soft as he looks!

Applesauce is coming up next....