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Thread: Does your dog...

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    Does your dog...

    like to eat your cat's food?

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    ABSOLUTELY!!! Wolfy is forever getting his little fuzzy butt in trouble for doing this. It's no wonder he isn't losing any of the weight he put on over the winter - even tho I have put him on a weight management formula and cut back his portions. He gained 2 pounds and has only lost a half pound since April!
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    If given the opportunity, absolutely! But they are not allowed access to the room with the cat's food or litter box... because they also love to dine at the kitty buffet. We installed a cat door on our laundry room door and leave it closed at all times.


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    Yup! In fact Taggart just got in trouble last weekend when my niece was visiting. We took the baby gate off the door since she was staying in that room. I hadn't moved the cat food dish yet and out comes Taggart licking his lips. Brat!
    We also have a dish in the dining room but it is up on a TV tray and behind a screen with a chair blocking the way from the dogs. But the cats can get to it without a problem.

    So yes, if given the opportunity.
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    Cat food is high in protein and very appealing to dogs. It is also very bad for them, the protein content is much too high and will damage the kidneys.

    Cats are not very economical digesters, so their poops are also high in protein and so also very appealing to dogs.

    You must keep the dogs away from the cat food and litter boxes. Baby gates work well for this! My home is full of 'dog free zones.' I am constantly stepping OVER a gate.

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    They would like to, but we don't give them the chance. The cats food is locked up in the barn & only the cats get to eat it.
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    Yes, both my little girls like it. I'm successful most of the time in keeping the dogs away from the cat food. I feed them at the same time; I do not leave out cat food all day. I feed George kitten behind a trashcan so he's sort of blocked off from the dog food. Once in awhile if I turn my back SISSY especially will try to get to the cat's food. She usually licks the empty cat bowl and sometimes LilGirl licks it first. I try not to leave the room while they're eating.


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