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Thread: Friskie - id this breed?

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    Friskie - id this breed?

    I have been contacted by a shelter -- the one where I got Willy. They have this small white dog named Friskie, photo attached. He has not been adopted because he is blind. He is age 11 years. They want to know if I will take him. I am trying to sort out what breed / mix he is, what do you think?

    Here is what I know so far: male, neutered, UTD, non-shedding, 90% blind (I've asked for more info, if this is cataracts, glaucoma etc). Gets along well with dogs and cats. Belonged to a couple, wife did, husband had to move in with relatives, can't care for dog or self.

    I will see a dog with a Halo at the pawty later today, so that will give me more information to make a decision. For those not familiar, here is a link to the Halo for blind pets:
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