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Thread: ~ Wilma ~

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    ~ Wilma ~

    You're so pretty Wilma!!! The story about hiding the carrots is so cute!

    Congrats on being POTD! I hope you have a fun day celebrating with Dorothy!
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    Wilma the Winner!

    Congratulations, Wilma, on being POTD! You certainly are gorgeous, smart and clever! AND you're very lucky to have found a forever home where you are so loved and appreciated! ENJOY your special day! Best Wishes for a long, happy, healthy, safe life, Sweet Girl!! XOXOXO

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    Wilma sure is adorable and it sounds like she is having a grand old time in her new home! Loved that she is POTD and hope that she and Dorothy enjoy this special day!

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    Wilma, it sounds like you've got it figured out. Congratulations and have a great day!
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    Congratulations on being Pet of the Day.
    You are more than just a pet, you are a friend. A very smart friend at that.
    Share with Dorothy, after all, it would be very lonely without her.
    Have a great day, and I hope you live seven years. That's good for a piggie.



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