Ernest is thee best cat! He is extremely loving, gets along with all my other cats. he is very mischievous, he loves to open the door by sticking his long front legs and huge paws under the door and pulls towards him. He loves to start crying at 4-5 am for food... so I usually just leave food out for him.
Wow, Ernest! You knew exactly which person to approach for help that day - you picked a very special forever person! Your wound was cared for, and your person made sure you had a safe place. You joined the family!

What a handsome kitty you are with your cute face, your tabby markings and those amazing polydactyl feet! I bet your people smile when the door opens and there you are! You request breakfast early in the morning to get a start on the day's to-do list ... having fun with your kitty siblings, being loving, and hamming it up a bit for the camera! Maybe a nap in a special spot, or eating a yummy treat. purr-fect!

Happy Cat of the Day to you, wonderful Ernest, and to your kitty siblings too! You are such a special guy!