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    Your kids

    We all know a lot about each others cats and other pets.
    But I am a little curious now about everybody's kids!
    Do you have several? are they still small, or already married??

    I will start with my own family.
    We have 2 adopted kids. Jo (from South Korea) is now 29 and he has a fantastic girlfriend called Tiffany. They will go and live together at the end of this year.
    Our daugther Indra (from India) is 25 and is living together with her boyfriend Adriaan.

    these pictures were taken on fathersday last week.
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    No kids, just nieces and nephews for us! Four nieces, and three nephews, one grand-nephew and one grand-niece or -nephew on the way! As far as humans go, of course!
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    I have 2 sons, tho I haven't seen or spoken to the oldest in about 20 years. He chose to "throw his family under the bus" to save his own sorry back side. He'll be 50 in December.

    My other son Steven, and the guy who has stood by me through thick and thin and is a true gem, will be 45 this coming Monday, June 16.

    I have 3 grandkids, but only see the 2 that are Steven's. The other is the estranged son's daughter.

    I also have 3 great grandkids who I have never seen, since they are the children of the granddaughter that I never see.
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    Me and Shawn have no kids, but a huge extended family filled with kids. We just never took the time.

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    No skin kids in my life - I have none, my one sibling has none. Don't have any interaction with children what so ever.

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    I got seventeen kids, fourteen grandkids and eighteen great grand-kids on the way! I love my little family!! Hah! Just kidding, I'm not even close to married yet!


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