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Thread: FIFA, IOC, which is more corrupt?

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    FIFA, IOC, which is more corrupt?

    So, sponsors are calling for FIFA to be investigated for corruption involving the award of the 2022 WC to Qatar.

    What about the "cleansing" of the slums in Brazil?

    How about the removal of entire villages in Sochi for the Olympic games there?

    Russia and Brazil can both somehow afford billions to host games, but Brazil can't move their populace out of cardboard shacks, and Russia is still the land of the Tzars, where people have absolutely no protection from the state coming in and taking their land.

    Point being, I think it's time to admit that these pan-national sports organizations are hopelessly corrupt, and support and reinforce corrupt governments. Qatar is trying to position itself as a tourist destination in preparation for the inevitable collapse of their oil industry, yet they treat many of those who live within the borders of the country as untermensch.
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    It is tragic that these organizations are so corrupt, and countries do such horrible things to get the games, then run roughshod over their own populace in the effort to impress the elite, and then let things fall to ruin afterwards.
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    Bernie Eccelstone laughs at them.


    As time goes on, I think that most sports organizations are corrupt, inept or just plain stupid.

    I am starting to believe that the same kind of BS applies to the 4 major sports leagues here in the US.

    Especially basketball.

    Why does a team lose by 25 points in a playoff game one night and comeback to win by two in the next game?

    With the exception of football, all the other sports have a 5-7 game playoff series to make it to the championship. How much extra money and interest can a series that goes 6-7 games generate?


    The IOC and their plans to make the Olympics 'interesting' by allowing 'extreme sports' into the games is moronic and just a way to make more money. I can't get excited about kids riding bikes in the dirt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RICHARD View Post
    Bernie Eccelstone laughs at them.

    The ONLY thing I'll give Bernie over FIFA and the IOC is he doesn't make any bones about hosting an F-1 race being a money grab for him.

    In addition, Bernie is liable to sell the F-1 rights sometime soon, he might need the cash to cover his legal bills in Germany, they're piling up.
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    Countries are pulling out of bidding for the Olympics. It's gotten too expensive. Both Sochi and Brazil IMO are not suitable venues for international competition due to the displacement of citizens and the unduly sloppy state of infrastructure. Beijing also kicked people out; the Bird's Nest is now falling apart.
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