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Thread: Dog's fear of outside is making her sick?

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    poddlemom, What is the name of your sweet girl? I am so sorry she (and you too) are having to go through this ordeal. No, I have nothing to add re her care. I just know how upsetting it is when one of our furbabies is not well. I understand your concern and hope she gets well soon.

    What's going on now with her?

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    I am happy to report that my Bitsy is much better. Her pain was quite intense and I can tell that she is feeling better. I am still being extremely cautious about keeping her activity level as quiet as possible so she doesn't re-injure herself. We are starting to wean her off anti-inflammatories and watching her closely.

    Giving her the treats helped with her fears of being outside but I also discovered that putting her harness and leash on her and just setting her down in the grass with a little slack in the leash was helpful. It seemed to give her a sense of security to be tethered to mom so to speak.

    I'm so glad I found such a great place for help and I thank you all!

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    Oh, I am so glad she is feeling at least somewhat better! I smiled think of her "tethered to mom" like a balloon!
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