I just found out recently that two of the cats that I had to give back to their foster mom have now been adopted. It was during the Maddie's Adoptathon and one woman was very interested in Radar but I guess she wanted to think about it before adopting him. Well a different woman ended up adopting him on Saturday. The first woman came back on Sunday and found out that Radar had already been adopted. She then fell in love with Rory and adopted him. Both families also have other animals so they'll have some playmates and they both love their new boys. On a sadder note, I'm not sure if I posted this here or not but Bentley who had been adopted out was returned. The couple now has their MIL living with them so they had to return both cats that they had adopted. The other cat got adopted out recently but Bentley is still waiting for his forever home. Levi and Reece are also still waiting too. I'm still hopeful that they'll all get adopted soon.