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Thread: Rocket and Jellybean - one last batch of pics!

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    Rocket and Jellybean - one last batch of pics!

    The girls are being spayed tomorrow - so today I'm taking pictures and writing up their bios to put up on the Humane Society's website. It's a little bittersweet, especially with Rocket. I love them both dearly, but I'm excited for them to find their homes too!

    Here's what I've got for Rocket so far:

    Do you need more snuggling in your life? My name is Rocket, and I LOVE to snuggle!

    I was raised around other cats and a cat-friendly dog, and I like all of them fine, but my real love is people! I will come running when I hear my people come into the room, start to purr the moment I am touched, and when I am picked up I settle right into my people’s arms and relax for some good snuggles.

    I spend plenty of time running around on kitten business too! My favourite toys are rattling mice and a stick with feathers on the end, and I am FAST when I chase them! I like to scratch on flat cardboard scratchers, I always use my litter box, and I eat both crunchy and canned food happily!

    This is the picture I plan to use for her profile:

    And a few others...

    LOVE this one!

    Here is what I have for Jellybean so far...

    Meow! My name is Jellybean, and I am as sweet as candy!

    I am a very playful and energetic kitten, and I am hoping to find a family who wants to share lots of playtime with me! My favourite toys are balls that rattle and the “kickeroo” that I can grab and kick with my back feet! I was raised around grown-up cats and a cat-friendly dog and I like everyone!

    I am a bold adventurer, and I throw myself into new experiences without a second thought! New cat tree? Run straight to the top! New food? Dive on in! New friends? Fantastic!

    I do have a tendency to think of human toes as toys, my foster family has been distracting me by throwing my ball when I try to tackle toes and I am starting to realize that my toys are more fun than toes.
    I use my litterbox always, I like to scratch on a tall scratcher with rope, and I happily eat either crunchy or canned food! If you need some extra fun in your life, come meet me today!

    Her profile picture...

    TOES! I want to kiss them, but she'd probably bunny-kick my nose out of pure silliness!

    It's funny....Rocket is SO photogenic, I had DOZENS of pics to choose from. Jellybean is so on the move that I had like....half a dozen pictures in focus, and a bunch of pictures of her chest and paw as she tackled the camera!

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    Aww, I am sure someone will fall in love quickly!
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    Oh My! Very good. I'd adopt if I were looking for a kitten (already got my George). One thing I would want to know is their age. The pics and write-ups are very good.

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    What lovely photos, and what a wonderful write-up on them each! Best wishes and prayers that the spaying goes well.

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    Oh Snakemama, they both are way beyond adorable and I'm hopelessly in love with both of them. Their pictures are fantastic! Your written introductions are excellent - a sure sell (so to speak). The only recommendation is to include how old they are. May their big girl surgery go well tomorrow. And above all else, may they both find excellent homes where they'll be loved, cared for, cherished, and spoiled. Rocket and Jellybean deserve only the very best.

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    Thank you for taking such good care of these little ones.
    I have two wishes - one that my husband would say YES to one more kitty and two that I lived closer so I could scoop Rocket up. I miss having a little brown tabby kitty!

    They are so cute!

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    Oh! The age will be included! If you go to and look at the adoptable animals, when you hover over their picture their age appears, and you can click htem to read the description.

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    Oh, with these fantastic texts they will be picked up in no time. Especially Rocket. Jellybean sounds like she's a handful- but that is only honest and there are suckers out there for little cat devils (like me).
    I think they are both beyond adorable- and you are so wonderful for making them happy and healthy and letting them go...

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    They are so adorable. If I was in USA, there would not have been any need to write their blog, I would have picked them up privately. It is good that I do not live near you.Thank you very much for looking after them, then letting them go.

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    I just picked the girls up from their surgery - they look GREAT and they were SUPER HUNGRY!!

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    Gah, I tried to be nice by leaving their food on the ground instead of up in the cat tree like usual, and Jasper snuck up and stole an entire can of food plus a bowl of kibble. >.<


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